Monday 10 August 2015

Lovely Lilies

Hello friends!! :)
Hope you all are well. I am very excited to share my paper lily flowers today. These were on my mind from a long time & finally I gave a try & it came out well. I really enjoyed making these flowers.
Have a look..

Lovely Lilies

Lovely Lilies

Aren't these blooms looking pretty? :) I just loved them.

Here is the tutorial:
Cut out 6 long petals out of light colour handmade sheet.

At one end of the petal make a small cut around 1 cm to make a small slit.

Fold the petal vertically into half.

Rub the folded edge on the ink pad & immediately dip into water. Gently dab the ink all over the petal using fingers & thumb so that the ink distributes evenly.

Keep them between paper napkin to absorb excess water.

Leave them to dry out completely or blow dry.
Glue two ends of the slit together. Make a small hole on the crossed slits just enough to move the petal through the wire.
Curl the other end slightly using scissors. 

Cut 5 long stamens out of black sheet. Take a thin copper wire & make a loop at its one end. Glue all the stamens one by one onto the loop. 
Slide 3 petals onto the wire & glue them. Then slide last 3 petals & glue them. Cover the wire using green tape.
Cut out some leaves out of green colour paper & curl them using scissors. Glue them onto the stem using green tape.

And the flower is ready!!
Hope you enjoyed it!!
Do tell me how it is :)

Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Such beautiful flowers and a well written tutorial too.
    Have pinned it here with link back to your blog:Flower making Tutorials
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Sonia, I am delighted to hear this from you.

  3. The lilies are so Lovely indeed :) nice tutorial as well :)

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  5. These are really pretty flowers, beautiful color too!! I love the way you colored those petals & the way you arranged them together. Just awesome :)
    ♥♥ Dream, Create, Inspire ♥♥

  6. Wow...lovely lilies Priyanka...thanks for sharing...

  7. The flowers are really pretty. And thanks for sharing the tutorial as well.

  8. These are easy to make. Thanks for the tutorials Priyanka..

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment & visiting my blog!! :)

  9. Awesome flowers n awesome tutorial too. Thanks for playing along with CSCC Aug challenge- week 2. Good luck. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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