Monday, 3 August 2015

Shabby Chic Birthday Card

Hello Everyone :)
This time I want to try something on shabby chic so decided to make a card!!
Shabby Chic Birthday Card

Here I am sharing how it came out.

Shabby Chic Birthday Card

All I started with a thick pink sheet whose edges were rubbed using sand paper to give it a wear-tear effect, & then inked the edges. One end was slightly twisted to give it a fold.
Glued some soft foam between white & pink sheet. Then stamped few designs using stencils.
Stuck some white lace & created a tear effect in the red sheet so as to give it a torn out look. You could see that white lace looking out of the red sheet.
Shabby Chic Birthday Card

For the flowers, the yellow ones were created using punches while others were hand-cut & then inked.
Added black laces with some silver glitter & dull white satin ribbon at the bottom left of the card.
Stuck a garden picture from my old card stock & lastly added the handwritten sentiment.
Shabby Chic Birthday Card

Here the card opens..

With a Pop up cake !!

Also I made a simple cardboard box for storing this card safely, have a look on it..

Hope you liked it :) Do tell me how it was :)
Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Happy Crafting!! :)

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