Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Friendship Day Cards!!

Hello Friends :)
Sharing a quick post today, Friendship day is coming ahead so sharing some cards, have a look on them

Hope you like them :)
I would love to hear your comments.
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Antique Jewellery Box

Hello everyone :)
Hope you all are doing well.
Today I am sharing an Antique jewellery box which I made for my sweet sister,whom I met after a really  long time , so I made this box for her. Here are the pics

I used a cardboard box for it, covered the lid of the box using clay & gave it a texture using an old plastic frame to form a design on clay. Then painted the entire clay area using black acrylic colour & some silver dust to give it an antique look. Covered the sides with textured handmade sheet.

Inked some pages from an old book to cover the inside of the box.
Lastly added some metal charms at the corners of the box.

Hope you liked it!!
Do tell me :)

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Tree House Pop Up Card

Hello everyone!! :)

I am sharing my first pop up card today!!
It is a pentagon shaped Tree House which on opening stands on its own & displays several panels for you. 

I made this for Lulupu's monthly challenge. This month theme is Anything goes except square & rectangle.

Also entering in Beyond Grey challenge where the theme is to prepare a 3D project.

Here is the front of the Pop up Card with a circular window embellished with punch craft flowers.

Tree House Pop Up Card

Applied some gesso on my handmade flowers,bud,leaves & twigs and added a small metal bell at the corner.

Tree House Pop Up Card

This photo shows the pop up mechanism & a glimpse of inner panel to which I added a sliding message tag. One end of the message tag has a slant cut,keeping in mind not to use anything square or rectangle :)

Here is the left panel of pop up card..

Lots of punched flowers with hand painted paper leaves. Two lovely quilling birds, smaller baby bird on the swing!!
Inked the edges of the card using green distress ink.

Right panel of the card

Tree House Pop Up Card

Tree House Pop Up Card

Hope you like it !! Let me know :)

Thanks for visiting!! Have a Great day!!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Mosaic Projects

Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Friends :) Today I am sharing my two projects which I created for Hobby Mela Contest on "Contemporary Mosaics".
I was very happy, this is my first platform where I shared my art work!! 
Thank you Hobby Mela for displaying my projects!!

Also I was very excited as it was my first mixed media canvas! And I loved how it turned out:)
Here are the pics..
Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas

Background has been created using POP paste and fine mosaic stones on canvas board.
Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas
Paper mosaic background for photo

This butterfly has been made using organdie fabric, laces and thermocol balls.
These are handmade paper ruffle flowers. I'll be soon adding tutorial on this.

An altered small plastic bottle. The mosaic look has been created using glass paints and 3D gold out-liner.

Mosaic Box

Have a look on my another mosaic project, a mosaic paper box created using paper bits.
Mosaic Paper Box

Mosaic Paper Box

Mosaic Paper box

Hope you liked these projects!! Do tell me how it is, I'll love to your comments:)

Thank you for stopping by!!
Have a great day :) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Envelope Card

Hello friends!! :)

Today i am sharing an envelope card which is small and handy from outside yet stylish and trendy inside!!
I tried it for the first time & it came out well.

I used handmade sheet to make the base of my card, while added stones, punched flowers and other embellishments to decorate it. And yes stamps!! I am using it for the first time and loved the design.
So here are the pics.

Envelope Card

Envelope Card

Envelope Card

The inside view of the card..

Envelope Card

The purple flaps further opens into two message flaps..

Envelope Card

These small vehicles are wooden cars which have been painted using sketch pens.

This is the actual shape of envelope base which is a light green colour handmade sheet. 

Hope you liked it :)
Thank you for visiting.

Be Happy!! Keep Smiling :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

CD Box

Hello everyone!!
Today I am sharing my last post on CD craft, a CD Box. This is a unique idea of recycling CDs as boxes have various uses and being a crafter I have lot of stuff to store in. You can also use it as a gift box for storing small gift items, chocolates etc.

The lid and the base of the box is made of CD. The cylindrical structure is made up of card board.

Border has been made using silver lace. At the center I have added punched handmade flowers and leaves.

Inside view of the box.

This box was inspired by Dr. Sonia's blog cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.com . Thank you Dr. Sonia. Here is the link


Thanks for visiting :) Have a great day ahead!!

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