Monday, 13 July 2015

Mosaic Projects

Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Friends :) Today I am sharing my two projects which I created for Hobby Mela Contest on "Contemporary Mosaics".
I was very happy, this is my first platform where I shared my art work!! 
Thank you Hobby Mela for displaying my projects!!

Also I was very excited as it was my first mixed media canvas! And I loved how it turned out:)
Here are the pics..
Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas

Background has been created using POP paste and fine mosaic stones on canvas board.
Mosaic Mixed Media Canvas
Paper mosaic background for photo

This butterfly has been made using organdie fabric, laces and thermocol balls.
These are handmade paper ruffle flowers. I'll be soon adding tutorial on this.

An altered small plastic bottle. The mosaic look has been created using glass paints and 3D gold out-liner.

Mosaic Box

Have a look on my another mosaic project, a mosaic paper box created using paper bits.
Mosaic Paper Box

Mosaic Paper Box

Mosaic Paper box

Hope you liked these projects!! Do tell me how it is, I'll love to your comments:)

Thank you for stopping by!!
Have a great day :) 

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