Monday, 27 July 2015

Antique Jewellery Box

Hello everyone :)
Hope you all are doing well.
Today I am sharing an Antique jewellery box which I made for my sweet sister,whom I met after a really  long time , so I made this box for her. Here are the pics

I used a cardboard box for it, covered the lid of the box using clay & gave it a texture using an old plastic frame to form a design on clay. Then painted the entire clay area using black acrylic colour & some silver dust to give it an antique look. Covered the sides with textured handmade sheet.

Inked some pages from an old book to cover the inside of the box.
Lastly added some metal charms at the corners of the box.

Hope you liked it!!
Do tell me :)

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a nice day 

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