Thursday, 28 January 2016

Pretty Vintage Box Tutorial

Hello Friends!

A new post to share today, a vintage look box. I have re-cycled "something" to make this, to know what is that "something" wait and see :) 

I rubbed some DI to the laces and at the edges of the box to give it a nice look. My box has feet also made of bottle caps!

Top embellished with handmade flowers, leaves, laces and pearls. I adhered some cheese cloth & scraps of laces to prepare the base for my flowers and to add texture.

 Here is how it opens

It can be used to keep bangles, goggles or any other goodies :)
So what is that something?? Any guess?? 
Well its a plastic bottle!!

Here is the tutorial how it turned out,
I took a cold drink bottle for this and removed the top and bottom part to get a hollow cylindrical portion.

Using the bottom part drew two circle onto the cardboard & cut them.

Cut the bottle horizontally and stuck them together using a brown tape. This is done to create a flexible opening. Now close and check, the top lid portion should be just enough to cover the bottom part, if its bigger cut the lid portion horizontally again.

Now cover the inner portion using a patterned paper using brown tape. Don't glue it tightly as the box need some flexibility to open and close. Paper should be little bigger than the size of the bottle, around 1 inches extra on both the sides.

Cut the paper at the sides as shown below.

Glue the paper sides to the circles.

Similarly cover the exterior portion of the bottle with another patterned paper. Cover the circles at the sides also. . Make a small hole to the top part, insert the ends of the elastic through it and tie it. Use needle and thread to attach a button to the bottom part. And the box is ready to embellish!

I hope you like it! Do tell me! :)

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

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  1. Wow!! Brilliant upcycling!!! beautiful project!! Thanks for playing with us at ICR Bloghop!

  2. Its really awesome.what a brilliant loving it.


  3. This is fabulous recycling ...hats off to you!!

    1. Thank you so much Doctor! I am so delighted to hear this from you :)

  4. Love the box and especially the recycling! Too good!!

  5. THis is such a great idea to upcyle plastic... Creative and beautiful !!!

  6. I couldn't have guessed its plastic bottle ,I thought it must be tissue roll ! Beautiful up-cycling Priyanka and Thanks for sharing the tutorial ,your tips about not gluing paper are very useful !

  7. brilliant recycling priyanka...Beautifully decorated ...Thanks for the sharing tutorial..

  8. Such a lovely upcycling!! pretty detailing!! Thanks for playing along ICR bloghop

  9. Oh wow, this is amazing!! What a stunning recycle of a plastic bottle!! You decorated it so beautifully!! Awesome tutorial, too!! This is gorgeous!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Awesome transformation...Loved every tiny detail of it Priyanka !!
    Thanks for joining us @ Peek-a-boo Designs!!
    DT Vijaylaxmi

  11. A stunningly beautiful project created and love the way you have played with the right colours !! Thanks for joining us at the challenge
    Sharada Dilip

  12. You took me surprise on this one! i love how you have recycled a plastic bottle! Neat and very creative, Priyanka.


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